How to Take Care Of Your Rolly Teacup Puppies

How to Take Care Of Your Rolly Teacup Puppies

What is a Rolly teacup puppy?

There are the smallest kind of dogs in the world who become great pets for kind homes. These kinds of pups weigh less than 5 pounds and they are very fragile. There are many teacup doggies found in their family.Let we see How to Take Care Of Your Rolly Teacup Puppies.

Why Rolly Teacup Puppies?

They are a very cute kind of puppies that are born to the Teacup family. Apart from the Rolly Teacup puppies they are teacup Yorkies, teacup Poodles and teacup Pugs etc. As we said thy are very small in size and they warm the hear of any dog lover. Apart from these pups there are more breeds like  Pomeranians, Maltese and Maltese etc. where they too fall into the miniature category of dogs.

Rolly Teacup Puppies should be treated with extra care!!!


Even though these puppies are the best breed in the world if you love the small cute size in them there are a list of things to consider before you think of even purchasing a Rolly Teacup puppy.

Since there are smaller in size they are very fragile. Their bones are quite weaker than the other type of dog breeds. Therefore, special care should be taken in order to make sure that they don’t fall from tall heights. The younger Rolly Teacup puppies are quite healthier than the older ones since they are able to jump off moderate heights. However, the rolly teacup puppies full-grown pups are not able to fall from big heights.

Make sure that you keep them very happy throughout their life!

The main reason for that is due to the miniature size. You might have to give them a good meal with proteins and make sure that you take the pups for the treatments as recommended by the vet to ensure that they are very healthy and live a happy life throughout their lifetime.

Good choice for a small house!

Even though they might have medical issues in their lifetime if you don’t treat them good, the best part about these Rolly Teacup Puppies are the best for a very spacious house. The reason for that is the maintenance of these pups are quite easier than the bigger dogs.

If you are someone living in an apartment or flat this will be the best option for you to go ahead with a Rolly Teacup Puppy.

What is the life expectancy of a teacup dog?

The life span of these cute little Rolly Teacup Puppies will be around 12 to 15 years. If you treat these pups with extra care they will be able to life a very happy life. Don’t forget to get the best health tips from your vet to treat you teacup puppy with extra care. Therefore, if you are in search of How long do Rolly teacup puppies live? We believe that you have got a good idea about their lifespan and how these little puppies should be treated with care.

How much do teacup puppies cost?


They will cost from 500$ to even 800$ if you are planning to purchase these Rolly Teacup Puppies from a certified dog breeding unit. Rolly teacup puppies for sale must be taken seriously since there might be dog breeders who might not be taking care of these very small puppies, therefore you will have to check their health before purchasing them. Furthermore, if you still want to have a look at the Rolly teacup puppies prices then you can search from online stores where they will be delivering you the puppy to your doorstep with extra care. As a precaution make sure that you have a look at their vaccination cards before purchasing them.

Online stores to purchase Rolly Teacup Puppies

As we mentioned that there are numerous online pet stores where you can easily purchase these pups make sure that you look at their supplier reviews. Rolly teacup puppies reviews will help you to get an idea of the dog breeding unit to make sure that they are bread with extra care.

Rolly Teacup Puppy Food

Are teacup puppies healthy? Well, the answer may be yes or no the way you treat them. Therefore, making sure that they take in good food that will help them for their survival will be one of the best solution to improve their lifespan.

Meal Plan for Teacup Puppies

Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be the best to treat your pups with extra care in order to make sure that they will live a happy life. Apart from that fish and meat is quite essential to strengthen their bones and keep them healthy throughout their lifetime.

Refrain too much sucrose! Your pet will love to nibble on the sweats that we normal humans consume. However, they are very dangerous for any dog breed since too much sugar will make them very ill.

Make sure that you add adequate food that contains Vitamin D and Calcium to ensure the muscle and bone health in these pups.

Apart from these, food like Pedigree will be one of the best solution for your little puppies if you are having a busy schedule in preparing meals. There will be many flavors that your dog will like especially chicken therefore select the correct choice for your puppy. You can select the large pedigree packs or even a smaller pack as a snack for them.

Taking care of your Rolly Teacup Puppies and Vaccination

There are many types of vaccines that you can try such as canine parvovirus, adenovirus 2, parainfluenza virus, rabies virus and canine distemper etc. Vaccinations are a must for your puppies to ensure their health so meet the vet to see how you should vaccinate them.

Furthermore, there will be more medicines and vitamins necessary for your pet dog. Keep a track of them by noting down the dates for medicines. Since there is a higher chance of fall ill with an illness such as low blood sugar, skin diseases and even heart failures make sure they are healthy.

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