How to maintain Teacup dogs in 2020

How to maintain Teacup dogs in 2020

Teacup Yorkies Dogs

These are the tiniest dog breed that you can find in this world. They come from the Yorkshire Terrier breed and said to be in the weight category or 2 to 4 pounds. However, there is a possibility for them to grow up to seven pounds.

Why do we call them the Teacup Yorkies?


These cute little ones are quite small enough to fit well into a small mug, that’s why people call them the Teacup Yorkies due to the small weight and the size. However, if you are planning to have small teacup dogs as pets there you will have to be aware of the downside of having very miniature dog breads and the health conditions that might occur during their lifetime.

Why do people like baby like dogs?

This is known as the neoteny in dogs. People do love the puppies but some get fed up of their beloved puppies once they grow into a full-size dog. However, these small breed teacup dogs are able to retain the neoteny in them throughout their life span. This will make us love them more and take very good care of them throughout their lifespan. This is the heart that we open up our self for the babies provide them more and show our affection to them.

Size does matter!!!

Cute teacup dogs will be an ideal solution for you to breed if you living in an apartment or a flat. It is quite hard to maintain big dogs in a house where there is no garden therefore these pups are at high risk of falling ill and they will experience severe psychological problems in their life.

Smaller in size is better to maintain


Therefore, since these teacup dogs are small as the size of a teacup it is very easy for us to maintain them and take very good care of them. Furthermore, exercising and making them do all the activities that other dogs do will be quite easier with their small size. It will make you happy to see them play since they are quite similar to the size of small cats.

Barriers that stop you from making big dogs

The well-known fact is that if you are living in a rented apartment or a tall skyscraper then there will be some rules implemented in order to breed pets. Therefore, dog breeds such as German shepherds, Lion Shepperd and Dalmatian etc. are unable to be breed with such conditions. Security and the neighbours will not like you breading big dogs in your apartment unless they are fond of them. Temperature is another factor to be considered when maintaining dogs. Based on the breed if the correct temperature is not maintained then there is a higher chance for these dogs to fall ill.

Teacup Teddy Bear Dogs


They do look like teddy bears and they are smaller in size and they possess a long coat over their skin. There are many Teacup Teddy bear Dog breeds both purebred and mixed. They have a button like a nose and popped out dark eyes with a lot of fur on their skin. They will price around 500$ to 3000$ price range. They are one of the best Teacup dogs breeds that you can find. They are the dogs with a bit of an attitude and they will be great pets when they are well tamed to fit into your family surroundings.

Teacup Dog Breeds

There are many breeds in the Teacup Yorkies family and they are all miniature pups. Give below are a list of teacup dog breeds that you can find around the world.

  • Teacup Boston Terrier
  • Teacup Chihuahua
  • Teacup Beagle
  • Teacup Chihuahua
  • Teacup Chihuahua
  • Teacup French Poodle
  • Teacup Japanese Chin
  • Teacup Maltese
  • Hypoallergenic teacup dogs
  • Teacup Maltipoo
  • Teacup Pomeranian
  • Teacup Poodle
  • Teacup Shitzu
  • Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Dogs are weak is that true?

Every dog breed is prone to some kind of health issue however, especially in teacup dogs it is a much severe condition. Since they are smaller in size they are very fragile and they might easily get injured. Smaller pups are able to handle the heights but once they start getting older they need assistance when it comes to heights. Furthermore, if you have bigger dogs there is a possibility for the teacup dogs to get injured accidentally.

Other health issues related to Teacup dogs


They are other health issues like low blood pressure(hypoglycemia), heart diseases and even respiratory problems. Even though you think that the teacup Yorkie dogs are smaller in size but the vet’s bill will be the same as others. When you have an ill pet then it will put you in trouble while treating it to live better and it will surely break your heart if you are good caring.

Things to consider before buying mini teacup dogs

Healthiest teacup dogs are very rare to find and you will have to take the little pup that you are planning to buy for a checkup before buying them as your pet. Teacup Dog Pomeranian are really cute since they are small in size and the best teacup Maltese dogs for families should be purchased from a good pet shop where they are fed and kept vaccinated.

Teacup puppies for free

However, there will be enough advertisements on the craigslist where you will be able to find free teacup dogs for kind homes. Most of these pups are well bread and they are healthier than the ones that are on sale. Therefore, they will be good for you to take home as pets.

What to ask from your Vet about Teacup dogs?

Make sure that you ask for the Vitamins that will require to treat the pup from your vet when you take for the monthly checkup. Furthermore, make sure that you buy the best bone treatment capsules to make your teacup pup stronger to avoid injuring themselves when jumping from heights.

How to train your Teacup dogs

If you want to train your teacup dogs to walk around your house then the best way to do it is by making sure that you are training them within a restricted area. From nature, these dogs are easy to tame and within a short time period, you will be able to train. However to avoid them getting confused the best thing to do is to keep the training sessions short and sweet. Give a treat for the pup to make them more loyal to you so they will understand the instructions much better and have a very good concentration you while training them.

Do you know the Teacup Dogs lifespan?


The normal life span of a teacup dog is around 12 to 16 years. A good healthy teacup dog will spend the full life cycle. If you are aware of the health-related factors there is a higher chance of improving the survival rate of these pups. Always make sure that you get advice from the vet in order to get educated on this cute dog breed to make your home a happy and safe place for these poor souls.

Teacup Dog Meal Prep

This is a very important aspect that every caretaker should consider when taking care of your puppies. However, preparing fresh meals for your canine partner will make them happy and their thick coat will shimmer.

What about the food from store?

There are many dog food that are available in the market where you can purchase and prepare for your dog with different flavors. There is no doubt that your pup would love to munch on the food that you purchase from the store since they come in different type of flavors that your pups like.

What food should I give my pet Teacup dogs?

Always stick to fresh vegetables to treat your pups with extra care so they will not get hungry very often.

Don’t forget those chicks in those dish!!!


Fish and meat are an essential part of every meal given to your pet dog. Since they provide the essential nutrients for your pet to make their bone strength and improve the muscle strength. They are also able to full fill the requirements of Vitamin D and Calcium which are very essential in every dog’s meal plan. Avoid giving your pet too much food contain sugar since they are worse than giving food that contains fat.

Vaccinate your Teacup Dog

There are a series of vaccines to be given to your pups when then they grow older in time to come to make sure their immunity system is stronger to fight again the different type of fungi and other types of viruses. Therefore, it is a must to give your pet dog vaccines such as canine parvovirus, adenovirus 2, parainfluenza virus, rabies virus and canine distemper etc. Meet your vet to get the advice to take very good care of your pet dog to make them healthy and happy forever.

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